Sunday, March 22, 2015

Morning Counter Chairs Reflections

I'm sitting at my kitchen counter, perched on my favorite counter chairs reading National Geographic, when I notice a heading that says, "Fossil Found in Kitchen Counter" which continues to tell the story of a 40 million year old whale fossil that a factory found in a limestone kitchen counter. And it seems that when researchers later investigated the stone quarry from which the counter top was taken, they found it laden with fossils.

It is thought that the discovery of the fossil will lead to previously unknown facts about the origins of African fauna and therefore illuminating us about the history of animals and their evolution. And I look down at the surface of my counter and scour it for fossils ... hmmm ... I don't see anything but a small dribble of my morning coffee, but it got me thinking about how counter tops get from where they are made to a kitchen and ... who made the counter chairs that I'm sitting on each morning and ...
Counter Chairs
That's just the thing I love ... a place to sit erect and think or to read and reflect ... not a chair to get all cozy and slump to fall asleep in, but a place that's just right for starting a day with coffee or juice ... and thoughts ...

Counter height chairs can be simple as long as they're the right height, so it's useful if they can be adjusted to read fine print or to swivel about and give your honey an impromptu kiss. Kitchen counter chairs are also great for children (and in my case my cats) to sit beside you and be part of counter activities.

Remember when you were little? Counters seemed so tall and mysterious and everything adults did was up there on top of a flat surface out of reach. A chairs brings everyone up, tall people short people and children all at eye level and able to talk and think and share snacks or swivel and giggle. Especially backless counter chairs, because they fit almost anywhere, even pulled up to a window with a ledge or outside on a balcony, porch or deck.

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