Sunday, March 22, 2015

Counter Chairs - A Combination of Fashion And Functionality

Have you ever discovered the artist inside you? Chances are you do, when it came to decorate your own home. We all understand what important role furniture play especially when we wish to design or re-design our home's interior and make it look as taken from a magazine. It therefore demands a careful selection of various furniture articles. Tables, chairs and chairs are essential parts of the furniture we use at our homes. Of these, counter chairs offer us significant functionality and stylish appearance when used in an appropriate setting.

counter chairs

What are these chairs exactly?
Popularly known as bar chairs, counter chairs are used where ever counters exist. Like some other types of chairs used inside a home, they are basically high single seats with or without a back rest. They are primarily used for kitchen counters or mini-bars if available in your home. They are usually without arms but some designs may feature those with short arms. They are usually made of sturdy materials keeping their frequent use in consideration.

What are they used for?
As the name implies, counter chairs are used where counters are available. In a home interior setting, if you have kitchen counters or bar counters, these provide the most appropriate seating arrangements. While they are mainly used for taking breakfast, snacks or a round of drinks, other uses of these chairs make them very appealing. Their placements and comfortable seating/turning arrangements allow reading or writing and enjoying entertainment sources like music or television.

Types, sizes, shapes and designs
Designs and styles of counter chairs have a significantly diverse range. According to the materials of which they are made of, there could be wooden, fiberglass, plastic and metal (steel or wrought iron) versions available in the furniture stores. Many of them are made with a combination of leather or fabric seats. Although most of these chairs are without back rest or arms, some designs include them to add to the comfort. As for shapes, the chairs could again be quite different. They could be round or square-shaped. They are usually higher than any other chairs used in homes. This is because they need to conform to the height of the kitchen or bar counters. With a touch of modern design and style they may have swivel and wheeled options for turning or moving along the counter length. Many of the modern chairs offer further flexibility and comfort by providing adjustable reclining and height options allowing even children to use them when necessary.

These chairs are integral furniture articles that allow you to enjoy great family times over a cup of coffee, a round of drinks or breakfast. They could also be used for your children to do their homework since counters provide an excellent workspace. They are especially useful to entertain neighbors and guests as you work in the kitchen across the counter. But besides all these functionalities, counter chairs make your home look elegant and beautiful as their designs speak of your taste and style.

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