Monday, March 23, 2015

Counter Chairs Create a Homey Feel in Your Kitchen

Until the stove was created, there was no space in the home dedicated solely to the kitchen. There was no separate entity for eating, and in fact, most people ate, slept, and bathed in the same room until just over a hundred years ago. Even after the stove was created, and that and a few other articles were kept in a separate room, it still took a while before the whole idea caught on. This includes a huge advancement in underground piping, which also allowed private water sources to emerge. The "kitchen" has greatly evolved since then.

The kitchen began taking form around the same time as industrialization. One major advancement that coincided with kitchens being developed is having water on tap inside the home. Prior to this, water was pumped from the well outside, or a public spring. The water was then taken inside and heated or used however they needed. So when water became accessible from a private water tap, it was easier to spend more time in that one area, and it made sense to create a central cooking area.

With advancements during the Industrialization, like tap water and gas stoves, architects could fully take advantage of the progress that was being made in the home, and they pushed the limits. Over time, the kitchen worked its way into being the heart of the home. In this day and age, everyone meets and greets in the kitchen. Whether it's for breakfast in the morning, or dinner at night, people are constantly in and out of their kitchens.

One modern take on the ordinary kitchen that is becoming more and more popular is the Kitchen Island. They are very practical and offer extra storage space, along with other amenities. It's a great way to add extra seating as well. Counter Bar Stools are often used with a kitchen island, and the chairs upgrade any kitchen without having to remodel the entire thing. The additional chairs can offer a quiet spot in the kitchen for the kids to do homework, or seating for guests you may have over. They're very convenient and instantly add sparkle to a kitchen.

With all of the upgrades that have taken place in the kitchen since the 1800's, it's important to find the style and efficiency that you crave in your kitchen. If you're trying to find an easy and affordable way to add function and style to your home, trying some new Counter Chairs or Kitchen Bar Stools can offer you the best seat in the house!

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