Saturday, March 28, 2015

How to Add a Little Touch of Retro to an Already Modern Kitchen Space

In today's fast-paced, constantly on-the-move world, most people desire a fully modern kitchen, equipped with all the luxuries we have come to not only enjoy, but also to depend upon. Having the convenience of this sought-after modern kitchen does not mean that one has to sacrifice their desire for retro kitchen decor though. There are simply an effective ways to add a little touch of retro to an already modern kitchen space.

One way to achieve that retro feel is by adding what can be perceived as retro colors or retro color pairings. Putting in black and white tile backsplashes or checked flooring will immediately give a retro feel to your kitchen, even if have modern appliances and electronics are already present in the kitchen space.

Pastel greens and blues are another sign of retro, so try using them on walls, ceilings or floors. If you have a larger budget, splurge on retro-feel appliances in colors such as pastel blues and greens, or bright reds.

Wall accents and signs are easy and cost-effective additions to your kitchen decor that can instantly create a retro look. Pick up vintage signs from a local antique shop, or browse garage sales for that perfect find. You can even try asking friends or relatives if they have any unused antique signs or other paraphernalia that they are no longer using. One man's junk can be your new treasure!

Little touches of retro can be added to your modern kitchen at a minimal expense just by paying attention to the little details. Hanging up vintage potholders, dish towels, and utensils can accent that retro feel. When installing a ceiling fan, look for a restored version, or one that is modern by designed to look retro. Specialty stores and websites offer different ideas and items that can help with signs of the time.

Replacing a classic wooden dining set with a 50s diner-style metal one can also induce an air of nostalgia. Silver salt and pepper shakers and a vase of small flowers complete the look. Try adding a small decorative juke box, or a large functioning one, in the corner of your kitchen space. This is a great conversation piece of kitchen decor for your retro space too! If the juke box works, be sure it's complete with songs from the particular era you're trying to recreate!

Another simple and inexpensive way to quickly add a retro feel to your kitchen is by adding window coverings and drapery that signifies that era you're after. Think of black and white checkered curtains or pastel green drapes. You can also try adding wallpaper, as this was a popular decorating tool through the decades. Older styled bar stools, lighting, and even kitchenware can help add that touch of retro you are seeking.

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