Monday, March 30, 2015

Matchstick Blinds Ikea For Your Home

Matchstick Blinds Ikea are so trendy today that most country and modern-designed homes have them. Both functionality and style are what these blinds boast. When we say Matchstick Blinds Ikea, we think about blinds that are made of wood, often bamboo, which is cut into round, uniform sticks that are 1/8 inches in diameter; they are attached to each other with the use of threads.

These marvelous items come in various designs that you will surely find one that fits perfectly to the theme of your home. They have a more country feel than other blinds and curtains, like the flat bamboo type. Most seaside hotels and resorts have these because they go together accordingly with the setting.

Matchstick Blinds Ikea For Your Home

Matchstick Blinds Ikea can be installed by themselves; but if you want a more stylish window, you can add curtains or drapery.

Another good thing about these blinds is that they can be hand painted, if you want to add more colors to your window; making these blinds more adaptable to any fashion or theme. You can paint flowers and leaves on the blinds to give it a more relaxing look or draw the moon or stars for blinds that will look great on your bedroom.

Cleaning Matchstick Blinds Ikea is quite easy; all you need is to dust them regularly. You should also remember that these blinds are not moisture resistant, keep them at a safe distance from high humidity. If you want blinds that are more durable, ask the manufacturer or retailer if the ones you are purchasing are pre-treated with sealants and fungicide. You can also buy blinds that are custom-made or manufactured locally, to ensure that you can have them returned to where you bought them if you find defects. Just to make sure, you can wash the blinds with a solution made of salt (1/4 cup), bicarbonate soda (1 tablespoon), and water (1 liter).

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