Thursday, April 2, 2015

Overview Of Car Seat Covers For Dogs

You are torn between the love for your pet and the love for your car. You want to take your pet with you on a drive, but what about the expensive upholstery? It will be a mess of grass, mud, saliva and paw prints. Buying a seat cover for your dog will solve your problem!

Overview Of Car Seat Covers For Dogs

Overview of car seat covers for dogs are specially designed to protect your upholstery from sharp paws and teeth, while ensuring a slip-free ride for your pets. They prevent your dogs from sliding off the seat every time you stop at a traffic signal. Padded with waterproof cushions, they ensure a safe journey for your dogs without any damage to your automobile.

Overview of car seat covers for dogs are can be easily installed and removed by strapping them to the headrests. Most dog seat covers fill entire seat area, though some are designed for the front part of the seats only. They have adjustable straps to be attached around the seat and onto the headrests. Some covers come with a dog safety leash that can be attached to the collar of your dog, restraining its movement while traveling. Waterproof dog beds and seat covers keep your seat clean of drool and are usually stuffed with dense polyester. The covers are also made of nylon or cotton mixed with polyester.

The Pet Travel Hammock is probably the most useful traveling accessory for dogs, as it is specially modeled to keep the dog in the back seat without falling off and also checks its attempt to come into the passenger seat at the front. Made of waterproof fabric, it contains two large pouches, a water bottle pocket and harnesses for dog safety.

Canine Covers is a major producer of dog travel accessories. Their products include seat protectors, both universal and custom. They also have special door shields that will keep the inside of car doors free from dirt and scratches.

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