Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas For Spacious Homes

Homeowners have many options to choose from when remodeling a house. A design build contractor makes it possible to change, add and rearrange one or several portions of the home at the same time. Kitchen remodeling projects have become popular. Some homeowners are redefining what a kitchen is by creating large multi-room spaces for cooking, entertaining and eating. This changes how families and friends interact in the spaces. Homeowners can consider a few unique kitchen remodeling ideas for more spacious homes.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas For Spacious Homes

Multi-Level Dining and Cooking Space 
This project creates a wide and open area that combines an efficient working zone in the kitchen with a separate floor for entertaining. The lower level could contain an island and all of the appliances necessary for cooking, including wide countertops made from bright marble. A stairwell leading upwards to a loft-like space could contain a counter lined with stools for entertaining. The second floor looks down over the first and outside of the home through large windows on the opposite wall. A dumb-waiter makes it easy to move items between levels. This kitchen remodeling idea allows cooks to work uninterrupted while still sharing space with guests.

Outdoor Entertaining Area 
This kitchen remodeling project involves creating a dining and entertaining area that has open access to the outside while still being partially protected by the home. A dining room is located on the first floor in a room that has an entire wall open to the property. A fountain or pool could provide a close focal point. The stone tiled floor connects with an outdoor staircase that leads up to a second floor deck overlooking the landscape. A design build contractor will convert an entire corner of the house into this unique space. Guests eat in the open dining area and then retreat upstairs before and after the meal in order to enjoy the view.

Rustic Natural Kitchen 
Some homeowners enjoy the natural lines and patterns that result from a rustic kitchen remodeling project. These ideas give a design build contractor the freedom to use distinctive materials. One idea is to create a spacious open-air room that has unusual features. Guests can sit along a long and curving granite counter attached to a deep stained wooden base that coordinates with the surrounding cabinetry. A natural rock archway frames the gas range and runs upwards until it meets a high ceiling. The ceiling overhead could be made from curved wooden beams that stretch across the space and create an organic feeling. The flooring of dark natural stone tiles could coordinate with burnt sugar hardwood in the casual dining and lounging areas.

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